About Us

Our Vision

To be the best Performing construction and building restoration enterprise, redefining the customer service standards. Exceeding clients expectations and working towards continual improvement.

NVLN CONSTRUCTIONS PVT LTD is a provider of end-to-end building Restoration services to help clients to improve the safety and longevity of structures. We have been relentlessly working on providing services in concrete repairs & rehabilitation works.

NVLN is specialized in delivering services and solutions to help clients. We ought to be acquainted with respect to concrete structural repairs & rehabilitation i.e., a cause of distress, assessment & evaluation of deterioration. We deal with crucial aspects involved in retrofitting and rehabilitation of RCC structures using different types of strengthening techniques for the residential, commercial, industrial, civil, and infrastructure sectors.

Our main objective is to enhance the performance of the structure & extend the service life.

Serving our clients for a decade, we have been extensively working towards making a difference in the industry while maintaining Quality and Safety at sites. We have grown to become an expertise in repair, rehabilitation, strengthening of concrete structures along with replacement of bearings and expansion joints, lifting of bridges, non-destructive testing of structures and bridges etc. NVLN has executed all the projects while maintaining timely delivery.

Some of the major and critical projects which we have completed successfully are the restoration of columns, beams & slabs in pharmaceutical laboratories, strengthening of metallurgical labs, strengthening of core walls with steel plate jacketing in Commercial Buildings, strengthening of columns along with casting of column capitals for a proposed high rise residential building, strengthening of generator front bearing soleplate in cement factory, pier strengthening for railways projects, rehabilitation of NH-bridges which included replacement of bearings & existing expansion joints, shotcreting, epoxy grouting and protective coatings.